Zero DSR/X ZF 17.3


PRECISION PERFORMANCE & CONTROL The DSR/X inspires confidence on your journey through an upright riding position with high ground clearance, coupled with instant and smooth acceleration powered by Zero’s newest...

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The DSR/X inspires confidence on your journey through an upright riding position with high ground clearance, coupled with instant and smooth acceleration powered by Zero’s newest direct drive motor, the Z-Force 75-10X, to easily tackle extreme terrain. This new motor configuration produces the highest output of power ever from a Zero- a whopping 225 Nm of torque, more than enough to power the fully loaded DSR/X and rider over any terrain. Rear shock preload settings are hand-adjustable to dial in a smooth ride with light or heavy loads. DSR/X will be the first electric motorcycle with Bosch’s Off-road Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) which adds further safety, control, and confidence for riders of all experience levels on/off-road in variable traction conditions.

Also, the DSR/X is capable of new Cypher III+ features like faster charging, more battery capacity, turn-by-turn navigation, and Parking Mode which adds the ability to ease forward and backward into a parking spot or to aid in clearing tough obstacles.

*DSR/X comes in stock with every available Cypher III+ feature.


The DSR/X’s unique Z-Force 75-10X direct drive motor variant is specially tuned for the rigors of navigating rough terrain. The Z-Force 75-10X delivers 225 Nm. of torque and 100 hp of immediate power that effortlessly navigates any obstacle and reaches a top speed of 112 mph. All this along with Zero’s renowned internal permanent magnet, brushless architecture, and a passively air-cooled, compact design that delivers class-leading performance and efficiency with virtually no preventative maintenance required.


With no emissions or noise pollution, the DSR/X leaves you feeling more impacted by the experience, while having a reduced impact on the environment. Boasting our industry leading, gear-less, direct drive powertrain that’s whisper quiet and impossibly smooth, you become fully immersed in your ride. All this technology provides virtually silent performance and an emission-free ride that delivers a new experience on every adventure, from the twists and turns of mountain passes to taming the terrain beyond where the road ends.


The new DSR/X suite of available premium accessories rounds out this best-in-class, fully capable flagship adventure motorcycle. Beginning with five standard ride modes, the DSR/X can transform any preprogrammed mode into an offroad mode through the Zero Next Gen App. The ability to adapt to any ride conditions on-the-fly is at your fingertips. Whether it be a weekend adventure or a daily commute to the office, select the ride mode that matches your needs and do it again whenever your needs change. Bosch’s patented Linked Braking detects a loss of traction and activates controlled dual braking to further enhance stability. Plus, activating the Vehicle Hold braking feature allows the rider a moment to pause with confidence while stopped on an incline or decline.  


A full suite of preprogrammed ride modes including Sport, Street, Eco, Rain, and Canyon mode are selectable on the fly through Zero’s dash interface and customizable through the next-generation app available for Apple iOS and Android. Along with these included modes, the ability to create custom modes allows for virtually infinite ride profile options to cater to individual riding styles or conditions. With the all-new offroad capabilities you can also add offroad traction to any one of the preprogrammed modes which achieve a new level of control in low or variable traction conditions of any kind regardless of the ride mode. Each mode has a different performance profile in key areas such as top speed, torque, braking, and neutral battery regeneration, as well as traction controls and even color and graphic changes. Use what we have preprogrammed or make your own from scratch through the app. 


The most intelligent motorcycle operating system available today is at the center of the Zero Adventure Sports experience. In addition to the numerous customization adjustment options included there is a suite of features that allow for deeper customization of various performance criteria. DSR/X will come with all the Cypher III+ features included. Features include faster charging and increased battery capacity, turn-by-turn on dash navigation, and Parking Mode that provides a slow reverse gear to aid in getting over a critical obstacle or parking in a tight spot. 


The DSR/X is purpose-built for pure adventure from the ground up, incorporating our latest, most advanced technology and an all-new chassis that is optimized for maximum strength, minimal weight, and maximum capability. Its sleek modern design and geometry, combined with thoughtful ergonomics, provide confidence inspiring command over the trail. The latest technology that informed the design of the DSR/X is extended into a wide range of rugged accessories designed exclusively for this motorcycle. The DSR/X redefines what is capable on an electric adventure motorcycle so that you can go wherever your adventure leads you.


The steel-trellis frame internally undergoes a continuous, iterative design process to maximize its strength while shedding as much weight as possible. The powertrain is perfectly distributed, resulting in a weight-optimized/mass-centralized design and the DSR/X's frame is also optimized for adventuring with its relocated motor controller to provide more ground clearance. Paired with a coaxial power-pivot swingarm architecture and Showa’s adventure suspension to deliver a nimble and controlled riding experience. DSR/X also offers 28L of onboard storage volume in various storage compartments. 


The DSR/X includes adventure-minded touches to elevate the rider experience, like multiple storage compartments and the adjustable windscreen, and it’s intended to accept a full array of purposefully designed, accessory options to both increase capability as well as to accentuate its adventure styling. Optional accessories include saddle bags, skid plate, windscreen, cover, bike mat, top case, extended battery, and more. Visit to see all available customization upgrades.


Equipped with our largest capacity battery, the Z-Force 17.3 kWh, DSR/X riders can extend their range even more to a massive 21 kWh of charging capacity with the optional Power Tank upgrade. All this capacity is supported by public and private investment that has led to an ever-growing network of over 90,000 public EV charging stations in the US alone. With an estimated 8% annual increase in charging infrastructure around the world including even in some of the most remote destinations. EV charging has never been so accessible. These stations are convenient to locate on apps such as Plugshare.


The Z-Force 17.3 kWh is our largest capacity battery pack, and it comes in stock for the first time ever on the all-new DSR/X. With the optional Power Tank equipped, the DSR/X is configured to a 21 kWh pack. Its industry-leading power and energy density combined with an aluminum heat-sink housing and thermal transfer interface ensures consistent cell cooling and maximum long-term powertrain performance. All numbers quoted are based on explicit test conditions. Real-world ranges will vary based on a variety of contributing factors including rider weight, road conditions, weather, incline, consistent speeds, etc. Each rider will likely experience slightly different range numbers.



Our scalable Rapid Charge System allows the bike to be configured for different charging levels. The DSR/X 6kW comes upgraded to 6.6 kW through the included Cypher upgrade. In addition, another 6 kW charging module is available for purchase (dealer install required) that can achieve up to 12.6 kW. (Charge to 95% in approx. 1 hour). DSR/X can also be charged via a household 220V outlet in the garage in approximately 2.7 hours.