Pre Reg Yamaha Nmax 2021 in Stock Available in Three colours Anodized Red Phantom Blue Power grey NMAX 125 Now is the time to re-consider the way you move around the...

Pre Reg Yamaha Nmax 2021 in Stock

Available in Three colours

  • Anodized Red
  • Phantom Blue
  • Power grey

NMAX 125

Now is the time to re-consider the way you move around the city and the all-new NMAX 125 is Yamaha’s vision of new independent mobility. Driven by a lively and economical Blue Core 125cc EURO5 engine that can take you around 300 km on a tank of fuel, this easy-to-ride commuter scooter comes with premium finishings and a high specification at an affordable price.
One with the city

The NMAX 125’s sporty and dynamic new body features sleek front and rear LED lights and an aerodynamic fairing that offers better protection from the wind and rain. An all-new chassis gives improved manoeuvrability in busy city traffic – and the easy ergonomics make this the most comfortable way to get around.

And you’ll be amazed at the high-tech that comes as standard! The NMAX 125’s Simple Communication Control Unit (SCCU) pairs via Bluetooth with your smartphone to give you access to important information – and features like the Smart Key keyless ignition, power socket and underseat storage make everyday life so much easier.

The way that we live our lives is changing and it’s time to look at new ways to move in and around the city. The need for social distancing means that crowded public transportation systems have lost their appeal, while the car is no longer viable with congested streets, expensive parking and increasing tolls.

Sporty new body design with premium Finish

The sporty new body design benets from an even higher level of nish that transforms the whole look and feel of the 2021 NMAX and takes this urban scooter up to the next level. Its all new front cowl is equipped with new twin-eye style LED headlights and a built-in position light that give a more dynamic and sophisticated look – and the integrated taillight and rear ashers reinforce the NMAX 125’s premium specication.
As well as its sharper sports look the new front cowl oers better wind and rain protection, and improved aerodynamics reduce wind noise for a higher quality riding experience.

Traction Control System

Many NMAX 125 customers may be new to two wheels, and this urban commuter’s light weight and easy agility make it the perfect choice. The Traction Control System gives the rider added condence when accelerating on wet or loose road surfaces by instantaneously limiting the power to the rear wheel when any sign of tyre slip is detected.

Start & Stop engine technology

The new EU5-compliant 125cc Blue Core engine is the cleanest running and most economical powerplant ever featured on the NMAX, and its new switchable Start & Stop technology helps to further reduce local pollution and also cut fuel bills. When the system is switched on the Start & Stop function automatically cuts the engine whenever the scooter comes to a stop at lights or junctions, and restarts it instantly when the brakes are released and the throttle is turned.

Bluetooth connectivity with the SCCU Simple Communication Control Unit

NMAX is the first scooter to feature Yamaha’s Simple Communication Control Unit (SCCU), an easy-to-use piece of electronic technology that is designed to keep the rider informed and make every journey more enjoyable and rewarding.
NMAX 125 owners can download Yamaha’s free MyRide app to their smartphone, and then pair their device with the SCCU using Bluetooth when they are close to the unit. Once connected, the MyRide app gives the rider full access to a wide range of technical and running information including battery and oil status, fuel consumption and more. There’s even a parking locator that enables the rider to nd their NMAX using the phone’s last connected location.
By using MyRide every NMAX owner can also access many exciting functionalities, including Ride & Record that records data such as lean angle, acceleration, speed, distance and more from previous rides. Data can be shared with other MyRide users from all over the world, and new riding routes can be discovered and shared.
Once the new model is available at Yamaha dealers all NMAX owners will be able to access a tutorial video showing them how to use the MyRide app and make the most of its wide range of functionalities.

Connected LCD instruments

The NMAX comes with all-new high-tech LCD instruments that are fully linked to the new SCCU. Riders can view the usual information on speed, distance, fuel level and temperature – but what makes the new NMAX 125 so special is that its connected instruments also feature icons that will light up and notify the rider of incoming calls, emails and SMS messages – as well as displaying their smartphone’s battery status.

Smart Key keyless ignition system

This top-selling scooter features some of the most impressive electronic technology in the category, and as well as its new SCCU and connected LCD instruments the NMAX is also equipped with Yamaha’s Smart Key keyless ignition system. This convenient system enables the NMAX rider to activate the machine as long as they have the Smart Key with them in their coat or bag, making every trip a little bit easier and quicker – and it’s one of the many class-leading features that makes this one of the most attractive urban commuters in its class.

Power socket and front pockets

The NMAX 125’s SCCU gives the rider full connectivity, and the new instrumentation features alerts whenever emails, texts or phone calls are received by the users smartphone. The 12V power socket enables the rider’s device to be kept charged, and the front pocket gives easy access to a smartphone, wallet or camera.